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If it’s the same for one, it should be the same for all.

If you’re referring to bakeries being asked to make cakes for gay weddings, there is no parallel whatsoever with a kosher restaurant not serving ham and cheese. The combination of ham and cheese is inherently forbidden by Jewish law. The very act of making a ham and cheese sandwich is forbidden, as well as the fact that the presence of the ham in the deli would in short order render all the food there non-kosher, hence changing the fundamental nature of the business. However, at least the last I heard, the bible doesn’t actually forbid making a cake. Or even making a cake for a gay wedding. It only forbids the gay wedding itself. So it is not the same situation at all. But even if it WERE, you’d at least have to be consistent and refuse to serve anyone who has ever done anything the bible forbids (not just picking this one thing and ignoring all the rest), which is…oh wait. Everyone. Might as well close up shop.

And if you’re hinting at Kim Davis, well, she has every right to do exactly what every observant Jew does and not work a job that requires her to do something against her beliefs.

Leave us Jews out of this, thanks.

Plus, actually. If an atheist bakery refused to make a religious cake that would, in fact, also be discrimination. US law forbids discriminating on the basis of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Refusing to make a cake because you disagree with their religious practices is also illegal, and probably would garner public outcry. This would cover a Muslim wedding, a Christian wedding, a Sikh wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a Christmas cake, a cake for an Iftar meal, or, hell, if someone wanted a cake for Holi. (LOL I don’t think bakery cakes are common during Holi, but you know what I mean.)

And also, literally nowhere in the Bible does it forbid a gay marriage celebration. Some parts can be read as forbidding same-sex sexual relationships, but gay marriage is not mentioned ever.

Moreover, the analogies for the Jewish and Muslim businesses are completely flawed and nonsensical. 

By definition, a kosher deli does not have bacon on the premises, and therefore, it cannot be provided in the first place. It’s not being withheld from specific people due to their lifestyle choices or beliefs. Ordering a side of bacon at a kosher deli is not an option for anybody

Likewise, a halal caterer who doesn’t provide liquor for events is not specifically excluding certain clients due to their religious beliefs. Given that they wouldn’t even have a liquor licence to begin with, there’s no way they could be accused of discriminating against specific individuals. Nobody gets a liquor package because, again, it’s not even an option. 

Requesting pork at a kosher or halal restaurant is like requesting a Samsung Note at the Apple Store: YOU WILL BE DENIED BECAUSE THEY DON’T SELL IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. You can’t get your tires rotated at the Post Office because IT’S NOT A SERVICE THEY OFFER. 

On the other hand, if you make your living selling wedding cakes, but refuse to provide one of those cakes to a potential customer because you don’t approve of their upcoming same-sex wedding, then that’s discrimination

Not offering a service or product to your entire customer base is not the same as denying certain people because of their sexuality/gender/race/religion/etc. 

Your analogy is bullshit, go home. 

There’s a difference between:

“We don’t serve pork here.”


“We won’t serve you here.”

One is a statement of available services.

The other is a statement of discrimination. 

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